Bookdragon Adult Tee

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A real booklover is hoarding books just like dragons hoard treasure! If you adore books that much, we are in the same team! We love books and reading, that’s why we summoned the magical Bookdragon! Perfect gift for any geek girl or bookworm! ... I mean bookdragon!

When buying a T-shirt, it is not just the design, but the comfort and softness of the material that matters!  This light T-shirt will fit you perfectly and will always make you feel relaxed. Our unisex T-shirt is a great choice for both men and women alike.

Why to choose the Bookdragon unisex T-shirt?

  • 100% Soft cotton for your comfort (fibre content may vary for different colors)
  • Light  fabric  - soft and breathable
  • Retail fit
  • Unique design, printed in USA

T-Shirts printed with love!

All of our high quality T-shirts are  printed in the US. This makes it very fast and easy for you to get your order! Also, we carefully selected the best fabric and printig materials for our T-shirts. We guarentee that the print will be smooth, colorful and long lasting on your favorite t-shirt. We make test orders ourselves every month to check the quality. We have high expectations for our printers too, so relax, your Bookdragon T-shirt will be high quality and very confy! We hope, you will be happy wearing it! And if not, we have 30 days exchange or refund guarantee!

Unisex printed T-shirts with unique design!

This is not a merchandise shop. You will not see our designs on every corner! We use 100% original, self designed, unique patterns and illustrations on all our products. We are Erika and István, a designer couple. We live together, create together  and we are crazy about unique design ideas! We believe that our designs are closer to your heart printed on unique gifts, than just put on a wall. That is why we sell simple, everyday objects, like tees , mugs and blankets: don’t just look at our design! Use it every day!

All of our designs are made with heart. We both draw about the things we love: coffee, food, love, nature, cute animals and all things geek! And coffee! Did we mention coffee?

We don’t want to save the world, but we really want to make you smile with our design. You, or the person you are surprising with our products. When you buy the Bookdragon T-shirt from The Printed Fox, we all win. You get your awesome stuff and we get more happiness and  freedom to create. :)