What is Inktober?

In 2009 illustrator Jake Parker started the Inktober initiative: he challenged himself to draw 31 drawings in 31 days. On paper with ink. Now this might not seem a big deal, but believe me, drawing constantly, coming up with new ideas every day for a month can be a real challenge. 

With Erika we first  took part in Inktober in 2014. We loved the pressure of drawing every day. For us -and any other modern 21st century graphic designer - it is also thrilling, because you HAVE TO draw with ink. This means you can not use the computer, you can not edit, reshape, resize your image! No, no! Back to the basics! 
This was one of my favorite from the first year:
One of my favorite Inktober drawing I did in 2014

This year I am focusing on building this store and creating my online courses, so I chicken out from Inktober - I know, I know, I am good with excuses. But Erika, the heroine she is, is drawing something amazing every single day this October! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and see for yourself :)

Have a great creative day!

OK, OK here are some of Erika's work, but really you should check out the Instagram :)
Erika Biro Inktober 2014








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