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Summer Cat pattern design process

We are only human. Winter is just behind us, but we are already dreaming about summer! And if you are a true pattern designer like my wife, Erika Szép-Biró, you are not just dreaming, but start designing!  

Summer is a great month for unique gifts! Why? Because there are so many things we can draw about, so many topics that remind us about the heat of summer.

As always, Erika's first step is to look for these things and create a moodboard, to set the feeling of the whole design! Beaches, palm trees, ice creams ... aaand kittens! Yes, this will be a design for people who love both cats AND summer. (if you are looking for gifts for a cat lover, who also loves to hit the beaches, search no more!)

Then of course come the sketches. Because they are important! Nothing is so cool to grab your best ideas, than drawing them on paper. And Erika knows this! - clever woman!


And here is the final design on different products! As you can see, both the moodboard and the sketching part are crucial! Erika stuck with the colors she was choosing before, and also used the shapes she drew on paper. Her design process is solid, and you can feel it in the final pattern.

How do you like it? Would you were this design on a hot summer day? Let us know! :)

So, this was our latest design process post! We have to say Erika's moodboards are quite popular on Instagram and Pinterest, and we have to thank you for that! If you would like to help us be more visible, please feel free to pin the images from this post, or follow us on Instagram!


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