Nordic forest pattern

A little story about our honeymoon 

We got married in May 2017. It was the best thing in our lives really, and we wanted to have a memorable honeymoon trip too. 

All of our friends said we should leave our small landlocked country and enjoy tropical beaches, but we knew where we will go: Norway! Mountains, forests, fjords and viking heritage! 

It was amazing! If you never visited the country, you should! We went to Bergen, than Stavanger and finally Oslo. The people, the nature and the cultural heritage were all very inspiring for us. We came home full with impressions and ideas. 

This is how this little pattern design was born.

These are some of our photos: we saw people living close to nature, forests with giant trees, wild animals - and not so wild ones, like this little hedgehog :)

The color palette is inspired by the landscape and the people too! We were lucky enough to see the Norvegian national celebration, when people are wearing amazing traditional dresses. 

Here are the initial sketches...

... and the final design - both as a pattern and a standalone illustration.

I really hope you like it, and that you will visit Norway some time! 


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