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Moth and Key - a pattern design process

The inspiration for most of our design is nature. But there are many other things too, for example folk tales, geek culture, our love for coffee and books. And apart of all these, Erika loves symbols.

She had this idea for a design about moths lately. Moth is a symbol for hidden truth. The truth is unfolding as the moth is flying closer to the flame. Thinking more about secret and truth, she included yet another well known symbol into her design: keys.

As always, after the idea came a moodboard. Erika loves to decide the colors and the mood before drawing anything. Why? Because it helps to set the initial feeling of the whole design. Because we always aim to create something unique, something we would enjoy as a gift ourselves. This one will be mystical with the contrast between the dark green and those golden yellows.

And here is her first pencil sketch, some detailed moths and different shapes of ancient keys. She is always doing research before sketching, collecting not just ideas but shapes!

After a few hours of work, here is the final pattern! Doesn't it look great in a traditional interior? A blanket or pillow with this patter would nicely complement yellow, gold or ochre furniture or curtains. Now it is ready to be printed on our gifts! 

I hope you like the final design as much as we do! And if you want to search for the truth with Erika's Moth and Key design you can get it in our shop of course! Have it today on your phone, blanket or even a travel mug! It is the perfect gift for someone who loves these colors, or have a sense of spirituality. 

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