Inner Jungle design process

Inspiration comes in many forms and shapes.
A few days ago I had a dream, that I am a jaguar, crawling in a lush jungle, between exotic flowers and giant leaves.
I really felt it, and the next day I started to sketch. 

I wanted to combine the heart shape with the jungle flora. And I mean not the heart shape we all know from cards and text messages, I imagined the roots and branches to form a anatomically correct human heart.
So first I was looking up some references for both the heart and for the plants of the jungle and the creatures living in the shadows of them.

I had a color palette in mind, but than watching my references and working on the coloring of my initial sketch, the colors shifted a bit.
I was aiming to make my design alive and vivid with mixed colors. 

And here it is, the final design on many object as usual!
Click on the link below and buy it today on a mug, T-shirt or blanket :)
Keep the jungle in you alive!


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