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Follow Friday - Manooni design

We both find sooo many inspiring artists, that we decided to have Follow Fridays from now on, where we share artists who inspire us and are worth to follow! 

The first -and cutest- is the work of felt artist Hanna Dovhan, alias MANOONI!

Manooni mushrooms - Image source: manooni_shop Instagram

Hanna is creating her avocados, mushrooms and other adorable creatures straight out of love and wool. Her works are a great inspiration for us because they are simple and warm our heart. Look at them! Aren't they sweet? 

As designers, we know, that creating something simple and cute is not as easy as it seems at first. It takes a lot of trial and error to simplify the design of an object or character but keep it recognizable. It is a lot of effort, but all the hard work pays off at the end! We need cute things in our lives after all, don't we? They make great unique gifts and melt our heart.

And believe us when we say, that Hanna seems to know that felt is a great material for this heartmelting. It is  soft and cozy, and you can only create friendly organic shapes with it. No sharp edges and straight lines, everything is made to be touched and loved. A perfect gift for loved ones, especially for children! 

And her topics are simple things as well: everyday objects, staple foods, fruits and vegetables, natural shapes we all know and can relate to. Nothing extraordinary, but still special. We mean, who wouldn't love a pair of hugging avocados as a special gift?!

This is what inspires us in MANOONI and this makes us smile every time we look at Hanna's creations! 

Take a look for yourself or buy a very unique gift from Hanna Dovhan's Etsy store:

Or follow the cuties made by Hanna on Instagram:

 All images via MANOONI shop Instagram

Manooni acorns - Image source: manooni_shop Instagram

Manooni carrots - Image source: manooni_shop Instagram


Manooni donuts - Image source: manooni_shop Instagram
Manooni design- Image source: manooni_shop Instagram




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