Bunny meadow

The design process of Bunny meadow

I love animals, and especially bunnies! It was inevitable to design a theme about these fluffy animals! Here is How I did it :)

1. Gathering inspiration 

When  I come up with a new idea I do some photo reference research, especially when I wanted to do design with animals. I went to Pinterest or Tumblr for inspiration and anatomy reference. After collecting what I like I do an inspirational board including a chosen color palette.

2. Drawing some sketches!

After studying the forms I want to design, I grab a pencil and paper and do some sketches.
Sketching by hand is important! This is how You will improve and it's quick and easy to come up with new ideas and forms during sketching.

3. Pattern or illustration? Why not both?

When I created all the elements of my design, I usually create a pattern AND a single illustration of it. I don't have to choose, I create both :)

Hope you like them! 



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