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Birds and Blossoms pattern design process

Since we live closer to the forest - and have an actual garden!- inspiration flies into our balcony every day! We love birds of all kind. We feed the blue tits during winter, listen to the woodpeckers and watch the young jays growing big and colorful (and loud, so very loud and playful!) So it is just natural that Erika picked yet another topic from nature for her new pattern design.

Here is Erika's mood board and initial sketch for what she has in mind for this design. As you might notice, this nature inspired design also has a hint of William Morris and a dash of folk art in it. Why? Because birds and blossoms are the sign of spring. They tell a story of a new start, new life and love. Nature can be the single biggest inspiration for all artists and after a white and gray winter, spring is full of life and color. William Morris knew this and of course all the folk artist living close to nature incorporated birds and flowers in their art.

And after a long sesson drawing on the computer, here is the final design! A floral design like this is a must have for every plant lady and bird lover out there! Buy Birds and Blossoms today and feel the touch of spring! 


So, this was our latest design process post! We have to say Erika's moodboards are quite popular on Instagram and Pinterest, and we have to thank you for that! If you would like to help us be more visible, please feel free to pin the images from this post, or follow us on Instagram!

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